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Immobiliare Corbetta Srl was created to manage 3 buildings on six floors where 210 apartments have been realized by an important architectural restoration of 3 disused buildings, in Corbetta, near the city of Milan.

The architectural and urban redevelopment, carried out according to the principles of eco-sustainability that characterize all the Group's achievements, has given back to Corbetta and its residents, a corner of the city. The residence, located in front of a large municipal park, in addition to numerous new, energy-efficient apartments, also offer commercial spaces on the ground floor, including some municipal services such as a pharmacy and clinics.

The residence, called "Le Residenze di Gaia" is located just 100 meters from the historic center of the city of Corbetta, a few meters from schools and shopping centers, the ideal solution for those who love to live in peace not far from the city center.

New apartments are available for sale and rent.

Corbetta buildings

Le residenze di Gaia
Corbetta Real Estate

Le residenze di Gaia

  • Corbetta (MI)

Experience, Sustainability and innovation

With a special attention to the environment.

Meraviglia group's buildings are are eco-sustainable, low energy consumption, built with natural and recyclable materials, powered by alternative energy sources, able to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

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