The Group

The Group

From construction experience to real estate and real estate management.

+50 years of experience
+48 team of specialized technicians
+2000 constructions realized
10 companies at your service

The Group was born from the experience in the field of construction of Meraviglia Spa, a company with a long entrepreneurial history characterized by construction and redevelopment projects carried out in all fields of construction, residential, industrial, commercial, public, receptive, ecclesiastical, sports, hospital, in Italy and abroad. Meraviglia Spa was founded by Mario Meraviglia in the 60's as a construction company and later expanded with the development of real estate and management companies.

Over the years, the Meraviglia group has invested numerous resources in innovation, with great attention to eco-sustainability, becoming already in the early 2000s a point of reference in Italy in terms of energy-saving and zero impact costruction.

The group has always dedicated particular commitment to urban redevelopment and architectural recovery of Italy's important historical real estate heritage

In addition to investing in innovation in terms of projects, plants and construction, the group chooses to use the know-how acquired over the years in property management to develop a new branch of the company dedicated to property management. IMM Srl, a company that provides services of property management with specialized professionals and a dedicated management team for the complete management of residential, industrial and commercial real estate assets.

Investment Management Milan
Investment Management Milan

Investment Management Milan

IMM Srl is the general contractor and property managemnt of the group.

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Investment Management Milan

Experience, Sustainability and innovation

With a special attention to the environment.

Meraviglia group's buildings are are eco-sustainable, low energy consumption, built with natural and recyclable materials, powered by alternative energy sources, able to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

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